Calllmmm Down


I’m a fan of electoral reform.  I’m interested in the proposal of our new Liberal overlords to study the issue (except for mandatory voting, because that’s obscene).  I’m not necessarily a fan of doing it through Parliament alone, but I think given how little we know of the process so far the whole thing deserves a big fat “we’ll see”.

What I am definitely not in favour of is the new simplistic talking points being trotted out by folks like Dave Meslin on CBC’s election night extravaganza, where he laid out what Parliament would look like under PR.  UBC Professor Christopher Kam picks these apart nicely.  In short: electoral reform is complex, models using pure-PR or second-choices are nonsense, and PR is not necessarily objectively superior.  A reform activist should not brush off a valid concern with “it’s just math” when it is, in fact, much more complicated than that.

Read the article to understand the problems with how electoral reform is discussed in Canada.

For the record, I like the idea of ranked ballots in single member constituencies or cities with multi-member constituencies.  Closed lists are a complete non-starter.

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