My name is Chris Tomalty, and I’m a professional nerd fresh out of university with a hard-won public policy degree

I moved to Ottawa in 2010 for university and have loved it ever since.  Growing up in Saskatoon and Kingston, it’s nice to be in a “big” city (or more accurately, Canada’s biggest small town).  I’m enjoying all the opportunities, both professional and recreational, that a city provides.

I’ve been passionate about knowing how things work since before I can remember.  As a home-educated kid, I had the opportunity to explore my own interests and throw myself into projects.  I took an early interest in reading and science.  As I grew up, I started teaching myself graphic and web design.  This led to a fantastic hobby which has also become my line of work.  At the heart of both my interest in design and research is a drive to know not just how the world works, but how the world can work better.  My degree, a creative mix of political science, economics, history, international relations theory, and policy studies, gave me a unique opportunity to pursue my passion for insight in a supportive academic environment.

I’ve also had fantastic opportunities to work in my field.  Through political policy internships and my work with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, I was able to put my studies to practice and encounter the problems of practical policy firsthand.  My extracurriculars, especially with the renowned United Nations Society at Carleton, allowed me the ability not just to practice debate and public speaking, but to work at problem-solving in a professional environment.  Over my three years on the board, I was able to help build an eight-fold growth in membership and change the role of my first position – the Director of Training – to scale through the help of more intensive training sessions and a thorough system of quantitative delegate evaluation for those times when I couldn’t be on hand to do it myself (this system, “MUNDEX”, is in its third iteration and tracks vital statistics on over 200 delegates a year, making it an invaluable tool).

Now that I have real experience and have graduated, I hope to be able to continue my passion for learning and travel, as well as pick up new skills.