I am a graduate of Carleton’s notable Public Affairs and Policy Management program with a strong background in research and analysis. Through work in the political and private sectors, I have provided employers with quality research and analysis in a timely fashion. In my professional, academic, and volunteer activities, I have shown a penchant for creative, effective solutions that improve product quality and delivery efficiency through a close attention to client and user requirements.

I speak English fluently, intermediate French, and basic German. I have a background in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, SPSS, and HTML/CSS. I have Secret clearance from the Government of Canada (through 2017).


Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management, Specialization in International Affairs
Carleton University, with Distinction, 2014

The BPAPM program trains students in policy analysis and design by exposing them to economics, law, statistics, history, business, political science, and a variety of other fields. An emphasis on transferable research and analytical skills results in a well-rounded academic experience. My Honours Research Essay was on international anti-money laundering and tax evasion efforts with analysis of their implications on civil liberties and privacy.

Work Experience

Parliament of Canada, Full-time, May 2014 to present (Junior Designer May 2014 to November 2015)

In my role as a designer with the Parliamentary research office of the Government Caucus, I work to fill time-sensitive orders for Members of Parliament while designing source products with Adobe Creative Suite. A significant personal project was the streamlining of a particularly tedious and labour-intensive task so that it could be completed on a tight schedule by only one employee.

Research Assistant
Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Contract, September 2012 to April 2014

As a research assistant at Frontier, I worked with experienced policy analysts in various research, proof-reading, and analytical roles on several policy files. Eventually I was given my own project, the Responsible Budgeting Project, which was released in early 2014.

Member’s Assistant
Office of Nina Grewal MP, Part-time, October 2010 to May 2014

As a trusted member of Ms. Grewal’s staff, I provided research and analytical support in addition to helping with various Member responsibilities. As Ms. Grewal’s primary research staffer, I wrote prominent speeches and publications, and contributed to the smooth functioning of her Ottawa office. I spearheaded work on several important projects where I worked independently to Ms Grewal’s satisfaction.

Policy Intern
Office of the Prime Minister, Full-time, May to August 2012

As the PMO policy intern, I was assigned to various policy advisers and supported them through research, proof-reading, and advice. I was given a personal project to work on throughout my term in the PMO and produced a 60-page report with analysis and policy options, which was well-received by the Director of Policy. I maintained the professionalism and confidentiality necessary in the PMO.

Graphic Designer
Self-employed, 2011 to present

Through my familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite and design trends, I have provided design and photo retouching services to student organizations and non-profits, including the Carleton Academic Student Government and the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs. Clients rely on me for timely, quality products that meet their needs.

Policy Intern
Office of the Minister of International Cooperation, Full-time, June to September 2011

As the policy intern in the Minister of International Co-operation’s Office, I was responsible for research assistance, proof-reading, and advice. I worked with a senior policy analyst to ensure the Minister received sound, thorough, and timely advice in the course of her duties and was valued for my work ethic and commitment to producing a high-quality product.

Volunteer Activities

Ottawa 123
August 2014 to present

Ottawa 123 is a community organization committed to municipal voting reform along the Ranked Choice Vote model. As a member, I have been involved with its outreach efforts and in creating media products to help spread the voting reform message to new audiences.

Training Director, Media Director
Carleton United Nations Society, April 2011 to April 2014

As a three-term board member with Canada’s second-ranked Model UN team, I took the lead in engineering the explosive growth in club membership. By designing a new training system, in-house conference, and a quantitative scorecard for assessing delegates, I facilitated the club sustaining eightfold membership growth during my term while maintaining delegate-focused training and programming that would be impossible without a rigorous progress tracking and evaluation system. During my time as a training director, Carleton’s award take increased markedly, and during my term as Media Director the club adopted a new professional image to complement reformed club governance. Since graduation, I have also worked on a project to improve statistics collection and procedural clarity, enabling committee chairs to act with greater certainty and easily keep clear records of otherwise scattered information.

References available upon request